What we do
INC's mission is to promote the quality, stability, and vitality of Durham's neighborhoods.
To achieve this goal, we:

Monitor local government
* by sending a representative to bi-monthly City Council meetings.
* by sending a representative to bi-monthly meetings of the Board of County Commissioners.

Participate in local government
* by having representatives and neighborhood advocates appointed to citizen advisory commissions.
* by reviewing applications and making recommendations to the City Council and Board of County Commissioners on appointments to boards such as the Board of Adjustments, Planning Commission, Environmental Affairs Board, etc.

Inform members about current issues
* by reporting on government meetings and activities at monthly INC meetings.
* by distributing a quarterly newsletter to members.

Represent neighborhood positions which have been agreed to by member consensus
* by responding to calls from individual council members and commissioners.
* by responding to calls from the press.
* by issuing press releases on urgent community issues.
* by sending a representative to speak at hearings and relevant public forums.


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